Upgrade Your Law Practice

to Work Smarter in The Digital Age

We live in a Digital Age now, where factory jobs are on the wane and information jobs are on the rise. For lawyers, this should be a huge opportunity.

But Be Aware...

Managing digital information requires a new approach to doing "knowledge work." (lawyers, by the way, are classic knowledge workers because we mostly solve problems by thinking.

Of course, there are different levels of thinking. 

Low-level thinking is about solving simple problems (i.e. busy work). Difficult problems require higher-level thinking. 

And as you probably can guess, you'll earn more when you're doing higher-level thinking.

Working Smarter is The Key

Besides earning more by doing higher-level problem solving, you also need to avoid low-level busy work as much as possible.

If you can get all of your work done with less effort, and less stress, you'll be much happier.

Because you'll have more free time to do fun things besides solving your clients' legal problems.

Your Dream is Possible

The Key to Radical Transformation

Success in the Digital Age hinges on learning to "work smarter." 

For lawyers, this means being more like Wayne Gretsky, who famously said his success came from "skating to where the puck is going to be,” and not where it's been.

In other words, realize that there are now many incredible opportunities to be harnessed…if you know “where to skate to.”

My mission is to help you learn to identify and harness those opportunities, to create a much happier law practice.

How to Get Started

There are two good options for starting to transform your practice. First, you can enroll in the Working Smarter Course (the option which most lawyers prefer).

Or, take a smaller step & download this Free PDF Guide.

Work Smarter. Be Happier