Law Firm Autopilot

Ernie Svenson

LawFirm Autopilot

Discover how to simplify, systematize, and automate your law practice —so you can begin to relax and enjoy life more.

Ernie Svenson

Creating Systems for Your Practice

Learn to create systems so your practice runs more smoothly and you can do less of what you hate and more of what you love.

Ernie Svenson
$149.00 / month

Co-Pilot Group Mentoring

Keep improving your practice with personalized advice via monthly webinars, a private online discussion forum, & more.

Ernie Svenson

Paperless Lawyering

Start shedding paper and streamline your practice so you gain efficiency and flexibility while reducing chaos, anxiety & stress.

Ernie Svenson

The Trusted Lawyer - A Simple "Referral Marketing by Email" System

Discover how to get better clients arriving in a steady, predictable stream using a low-cost, but powerful referral marketing system powered by short, simple emails. Once it's set up, you'll spend only 1 hour per month to keep it running smoothly.

Ernie Svenson

Starting a New Law Firm

Jumpstart your new practice w/ key recommendations, vital checklists, & proven execution plans. Includes personalized guidance from experienced consultants.