Leverage Technology

Gain Prosperity & Freedom

We now live in the Information Age where factory jobs are on the wane and information jobs are on the rise. For lawyers, this should be a huge opportunity.

Think About It

Managing digital information requires new kinds of thinking skills. This kind of work is called "knowledge work." And, in case you didn't know, lawyers are classic knowledge workers because our jobs have long required us to solve problems by thinking.

Of course, there are different levels of thinking. 

Low-level thinking is about solving simple problems (i.e. busy work). Difficult problems require higher-level thinking. 

And as you probably can guess, you'll earn more when you're doing higher-level thinking.

Working Smarter

Working Smarter is about doing more high-level thinking. Because, for one thing, that’s how you’ll earn more money. But, equally important, working smarter is also about not getting burned out doing low-level busy work.

If you can get more of your knowledge work done with less effort, and less stress, then you're working smarter.

When you can earn a good living AND  have lots of free time to enjoy your personal life, then you're definitely working smarter.


Writer William Gibson offered this keen observation about our Digital Age.

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

This quote went viral in Silicon Valley because it captures a strange anomaly of digital technology. 

Meaning that, if you’re in the “right place” you'll discover amazing new things. But if you’re not, it’s like you’re living in the stone age. 

Some lawyers can't see those new opportunities (i.e. they're trapped in the past). Others are open to new ways of practicing law that allow them to achieve massive prosperity and freedom.

If you want to do that for your practice...

Learn to Work Smarter

There are two good options for improving your practice. First, you can enroll in the Working Smarter Course (the best option).

Or, you can begin by taking a smaller step and download the Free PDF Guide.

Work Smarter. Be Happier