Law Firm Autopilot

Ernie Svenson

Paperless Lawyering

Start shedding paper and streamline your practice so you gain efficiency and flexibility while reducing chaos, anxiety & stress.

Ernie Svenson

LawFirm Autopilot

Discover how to leverage smart systems, automation & you can earn more, work less, and take more time off.

Ernie Svenson
$129.00 / month

Co-Pilot Membership Program

Keep improving your practice with personalized advice via monthly webinars, a private online discussion forum, & more.

Ernie Svenson

Starting a New Law Firm

Jumpstart your new practice w/ key recommendations, vital checklists, & proven execution plans. Includes personalized guidance from experienced consultants.

Ernie Svenson

Effective Marketing for Lawyers

Learn the little-understood, cost-effective strategies for building trust with prospective clients—even complete strangers who find you online.

Ernie Svenson

V.I.P. Coaching

Get personalized results-driven guidance from Ernie Svenson, specifically tailored to your practice & unique situation (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)