Upgrade Your Law Practice

using automation & outsourcing

How I Can Help

If you're a solo or small firm lawyer, I can help you create a frictionless practice so you earn a better living, doing more of what you truly enjoy.

Who Am I?

I'm Ernie Svenson, a New Orleans lawyer who spent 18 years handling complex litigation matters in a big-firm, high-overhead practice. 

Then, I discovered how to scan paper and use automation to streamline my workflows.That enabled me to create a simpler, more enjoyable solo practice (about twenty years ago).

The #1 Mission

Other lawyers noticed what I'd done and wanted me to teach them to do the same for their practices. So I did.

I spoke at conferences like the ABA Tech Show in Chicago. Then, ABA asked me to author some books on technology. And in 2018, they gave me a special award.

That's about when I gave up practicing law to focus full time on helping lawyers who wanted to revamp their practices. 

So exactly what does it take to transform your practice? Well, success depends first on having a...

Proper Mindset

If you're in a solo or small firm practice, you must be mindful about using your limited resources. (e.g. time, money, attention). Technology can help you leverage resources in astonishing ways.

At least, in theory.

Unfortunately, technology is often more bewildering than helpful. For most lawyers, at least.

So what’s the solution? How can you turn things around?

Work Smarter

Solo and small firm lawyers need to learn how to work "smarter" with technology. Which means leveraging paperless workflows, automated systems, and various types of outsourcing.

When you work smarter, you'll be able to:

  • Dramatically lower your overhead
  • Create documents up to 300% faster
  • Find & hire low-cost virtual assistants
  • Blitz through emails with preset responses
  • Be able to find any document in a flash
  • Have confidence your data is fully secure
  • Be able to work from (literally) anywhere
  • Gain more peace of mind
  • Take more time off (& longer vacations)

For many lawyers, this sounds like a dream, but it's not. 

You Can Do This

When you finally harness the full power of technology, you'll feel more like these lawyers:

✅ “I feel reinvigorated about my practice.” — Jimmy Go

✅ “Thanks to you, damn near most of my payment, docs and communication is getting systematically automated.” — Wes Bailey

✅ “Your recommendations helped me to go paperless. And I now feel completely liberated.” — Darlene Daniele

✅ "Gads, I haven’t been this excited about my business in years.” — Joseph Rockne

✅ “I learned to develop systems to make my practice more efficient and profitable.” — Christine Senne


Learning to leverage technology properly takes time, patience, and thoughtfulness. 

If you act haphazardly, you’re destined for disappointment. But if you're sensible and persistent, you'll succeed. 

The Good News

Today, there are so many more ways to harness technology than there were when I started.

And most of what's required (as far as tech tools go) you already have. 

All you really need now is to focus on the best strategies for harnessing technology most effectively.

Start Relaxing

and do what you truly enjoy

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