Law Firm Autopilot
Ernie Svenson

Paperless Lawyering

Learn to streamline your practice by shedding paper so you gain efficiency, control, and freedom while reducing anxiety and stress.

Ernie Svenson

LawFirm Autopilot - Strategic Blueprint for a Modern Practice

Join hundreds of lawyers & adopt the simple process that'll change your practice into smooth-running & client-attracting machine.

Ernie Svenson
$97.00 / month

Co-Pilot Membership Program: Ongoing Personal Guidance

Keep improving your practice week-by-week with personalized advice via emails, online meetings, and a private chat area with other small firm attorneys.

Ernie Svenson

Starting a New Law Firm

Get must-have checklists and a proven execution plan for creating a thriving law practice. PLUS, get personalized help from experienced law firm consultants.

Ernie Svenson

Effective Marketing for Lawyers

Learn the little-understood, cost-effective strategies for building trust with prospective clients—even complete strangers who find you online.

Ernie Svenson

Total Transformation Workshop

An intensive multi-day hands-on workshop designed to catapult your marketing to a new level, so you get more good clients, more easily with fewer hassles.