Law Firm Website Critiques: The Good, Bad & Ugly (and the WHY)

Attorney Website Reviews

Ernie Svenson & Megan Graham critique attorney websites | taught by Megan Graham

Course description

This course is taught by two instructors: Megan Graham and Ernie Svenson. Both are well-known speakers, authors, and consultants, specializing in helping solo and small firm attorneys.

By registering for the "Free Preview" you will be given access to regular monthly webinars where you will learn what an effective website looks like by seeing live critiques of concrete, real-world examples.

Each month one website is reviewed for about 20 minutes, followed by a question and answer session. Attendees submit questions by typing and the instructors respond via discussion and dialogue.

Each session is recorded and uploaded to this members' area for later review. Upon registering for the paid program you will get immediate access to all of the prior sessions by way of recordings.

You may request that your websites be reviewed. All review requests will be accepted in the order that they are submitted.

Who is this program for?

It's for the following kinds of folks:

  • Attorneys who are thinking about creating their own website
  • Attorneys who are thinking about hiring someone to create their website
  • Attorneys who have existing websites that they plan to redesign (either themselves or with a web designer)
  • Attorneys who simply want to make small tweaks to their websites.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of online marketing (i.e building trust with complete strangers)
  • Staff members who are responsible for managing a law firm's online marketing

The Paid Version

If you want access to recordings of all the past reviews, plus the new recordings that come out each month, sign up for the monthly subscription.

Also, we will give priority to paid members if they ask for their website to be reviewed.

Megan Graham
Megan Graham

Megan Hargroder founded Conversations, LLC, where she and her team create law firm websites that establish rapport and build trust—even with wary, skeptical strangers (which is what most website visitors are these days).

Her websites look stunning. But, more importantly, they build trust tastefully and ethically. And as a result, the lawyers she works with wind up with sites that attract much better clients, more easily, and more cost-effectively. Megan's websites get these amazing results because they tell the lawyers' unique, authentic stories in a way that deeply resonates with their ideal prospective clients.

Megan believes that good marketing is about building trust in a sincere, thoughtful manner. And she relishes the opportunity to help lawyers learn to use thoughtful marketing methods that get better clients in a more tasteful way.