Course Description

You’re a serious-minded lawyer and you know you need to grow your practice. But lately, you’ve been stuck in place, spinning your wheels. 

It’s hard to find the energy to do everything that needs to be done.

But here's the good news...

The Co-Pilot mastermind will help create sanity in your law practice.

For example...

Co-Pilot will help you: 

  • Eliminate the tedious parts of running a law firm
  • Work less without sacrificing your income
  • Find VA's eager to help  with anything you can't handle
  • Work with friendly clients that fit your niche
  • Stop putting in long, grueling hours for little reward
  • Start a solo practice with minimum overhead
  • Find more time to pursue other passions

With our online slack discussion forum, monthly webinars, and virtual workshops we’re committed to helping your practice succeed.

And you’ll finally start to gain the confidence and clarity that come from knowing your business is on track.

Just like Kerry Wallis

“Before I joined I felt overwhelmed with so many things that I felt I should be doing but not knowing where to start.

Having access to Ernie & the other lawyers in this program helped me feel like I had a resource to turn to. And it gave me relief that I had a time/place that I know will address my questions.

I've appreciated being able to count on someone who is also helping me on my business. Usually, it's just me at my firm that is working on the business, and I hate feeling like it is all on my shoulders.

NowI have concrete steps to improve my practice. All of it is very doable, and it never feels like too much, and so I can keep moving forward.

And I get great insights from other lawyers and consultants through the Slack group, and regular Zoom calls.

All these resources help me to keep working “on” my business, not just “in” my business." —Kerry Wallis, Hermosa Beach, CA 

Common Questions

Here are the most common questions folks have about the program: 

  1. What’s included in the program

  2. How much is the subscription, and how do I apply to join? 

  3. How will I know if the program is a good fit for me and my practice? 

These are all important questions, so let's address them one at a time…

1. What’s included in the program?

In short, you'll get access to over $2,000 worth of programs, if purchased separately.

Also included in the Co-Pilot program are;

TWO (2) Monthly Zoom Meetings - The leader of the Co-Pilot program, Ernie Svenson, does two Zoom meetings per month, one related to operations, and one related to marketing

The sessions create the opportunity for Q&A amongst all of the participants. The Zoom meetings are recorded and transcribed for later viewing so if you can’t make it to the live session you can watch the whole event. 

And online discussions

In addition to the Zoom meetings, there's also an online discussion group (hosted on the Slack web platform). The lawyers in Slack have daily discussions about topics like:

  • Practice management software
  • Legal ethics
  • Paperless practice
  • Outsourcing & virtual assistance
  • Persuasion & negotiation skills
  • Client referrals
  • Mobile practice
  • Writing tips & tools
  • Web marketing & social media
  • Systems & processes
  • Email efficiency

In addition to advice from Ernie and fellow lawyers, you'll also receive help from knowledgeable consultants that Ernie has invited into the Slack group.  

Finally, you'll have email access to Ernie and the ability to set up one-to-one phone calls or zoom meetings.

2. How much is the subscription?

First of all, you have to apply to join. But in terms of "cost" the lawyers who have joined consider the Co-Pilot program as an investment rather than an expense.  

That said, the subscription is $159/month. Once you apply and are accepted, you'll be locked in at that rate as long as you stay in the program (even if the subscription goes up, as it has several times already and inevitably will again). 

And you're free to cancel at any time, by clicking a link in the members' area or by emailing us and requesting that we cancel your subscription.

3. How will I know if the Co-Pilot program is a good fit for me and my practice?

We're confident that you’ll find it helpful, but the best way for you to know is to apply and (if you're accepted) check it out yourself. 

You can try it risk-free for 30 days because if (for any reason) during the first 30 days you decide that the Co-Pilot program is not for you then let us know and we’ll refund the money you paid. 

Why am are we willing to make this guarantee? Simple, because the lawyers who join Co-Pilot all have overwhelmingly positive experiences.

And after the first 30 days you will be billed automatically (each month until you decide to cancel, which you can do at any time for any reason). 

The subscription price of the program has risen over time as we've added more content and created overall improvements. But your subscription rate will be locked in forever

So, you can be confident that you'll get increased value without having to pay anything extra.

Other members agree:

Ernie helps lawyers overcome the “shiny object” black hole of technology in the practice of law by getting back to the basics of lawyers running a business and utilizing technology and systems in appropriate ways.” David Hoyt

“I really feel that Ernie understands the challenges lawyers face when running their business." —Bin Xia Zhang, Quebec, Canada

I have been practicing law for nearly 43 years. So, I’ve been around long enough to recognize the real deal. Ernie is the real deal.” – Tom Walker

"Will steer you clear of the distracting shiny objects and keeps you calmly focused on the essentials for success in the business of your law firm." —Page Kistler, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’m a true believer. I think you are showing lawyers how to transform small-firm practices in a way I don’t see anyone else being able to do.” —Todd Smith

It is clear that you love helping people.”—Catherine Fairchild

It's true...

I really do enjoy helping people, especially lawyers who feel like they're working too hard for too little reward.

You deserve better, and I want to help you build the dream practice you deserve.

And if you're ready to take the next step, then go ahead and...

Apply Today

Just click here to set up a free 30-minute call to find out how the Co-Pilot program might be right for you.


Ernie Svenson

I help lawyers gain prosperity & freedom by leveraging technology more effectively

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Quick Overview

    • Welcome from Ernie

    • Join Our Private Slack Community

    • Basic Slack Group Use

    • Monthly Zoom Calls - Schedule etc.

    • Initial Onboarding Zoom Call (with Ernie)

  • 2

    Recently Added

    • [June Marketing Workshop] - Refining Your Core Message

    • [May Marketing Webinar] - Referral Marketing Revisited

    • [May Operations Webinar] - Remote lawyer work while on 4 month International travel with 5 family members during a pandemic

    • [April Marketing Webinar] - Email Marketing with ConvertKit

    • [March Operations Webinar] - Cloud-Based Automation with Zapier

    • [March Marketing Webinar] - Use A.I. to write marketing copy faster and better

    • [March Operations Webinar] - Getting Important Work Done (with Melissa Shanahan)

    • [February Marketing Webinar] - VideoAsk video tool (with Megan Hargroder)

    • [February Operations Webinar] - Powerful Outsourcing (basic & subscription)

    • [January Marketing Webinar] - Email Marketing Strategies & Tactics + Q&A

    • [August Marketing Webinar] - Effective Messaging + Q&A

    • [August Operations Webinar] - A Solid Task Management System + Q&A

    • [July Marketing Webinar] - The Power of Referral Marketing + Q&A

    • [July Operations Webinar] - The power of "Knowledge Work" & Demo of email + Q&A

    • [May Marketing Webinar] - Authority Signals, Pricing & Closing, and Funnels + Q&A

    • [May Operations Webinar] - Hiring Virtual Assistants + Scheduling Groups + Advanced Search

    • [April Operations Webinar] - Automating Your Client Scheduling (with Megan Hargroder)

    • [April Operations Webinar] - Setting Up Acuity - Live Demo (with Megan Hargroder)

    • [March Marketing Webinar] - Effective Marketing During a Pandemic

    • [March Operations Webinar] - Remote Work via Slack & Email Efficiency

    • [February Marketing Webinar] Three Keys to Marketing + Story-Telling via Email

    • [February Operations Webinar] Text Automation & TextExpander Cont'd

    • [January Marketing Webinar] Editing to Improve Your Monthly Emails + A Cool Free Editing Tool

    • [January Operations Webinar] Text Automation & Systems

    • [December Marketing Webinar] A Simple System for Email Marketing

    • [December Operations Webinar] Text Automation & TextExpander

  • 3


    • Sensible Business Management

    • Keys to Success: Avoiding Misjudgments & Poor Decisions

    • Cultivating a "Success Mindset"

    • Crafting The Ideal Vision For Your Law Firm

    • Defining Your Ideal Practice

    • Vision Brainstorming Workbook

  • 4

    Operations: Systems

    • Strategic Firm Management

    • The Importance of Systems

    • An Overview of Systems

    • Documenting Law Firm Systems

    • John Fisher's Book: The Power of a System

    • Law Firm Systems Manual - General Checklist

  • 5

    Operations: Streamlining

    • Strategic Prioritization (the 80/20 Rule)

    • Task Management Essentials

    • Email Effectiveness

    • Acuity Scheduling

    • Securing Your Law Firm Data

    • Guide to Backing Up Data

    • Guide to Effective Security

    • Password Management

    • How to Choose Practice Management Software

    • Annihilate AR Balances Without Feeling Like A Collections Agency

    • Technology to Protect and Grow Your Practice

  • 6

    Operations: Paperless & PDFs

    • What is a paperless law office?

    • The benefits of being paperless

    • Complete Overview of Paperless Lawyering

    • A Model Engagement Letter for a Paperless Practice

    • Why PDF skills are crucial

    • Overview of Basic PDF Skills

    • Why Nuance PDF is better than Adobe Acrobat (for Windows users)

    • Download 'Nuance PowerPDF for Lawyers' (Ernie's Book)

    • Shifting to Paperless (how fast?)

    • Intermediate PDF Skills & Strategies

    • What is the best scanner?

    • Optimal Scanner Settings: Fujitsu ScanSnap

    • Which files do you (ethically) need to keep?

  • 7

    Operations: Automation

    • Automation Basics

    • Overview of Text Automation

    • Automating Text Creation

    • Powerful Text Automation - TextExpander

    • TextExpander In Depth - Brett Burney

    • Advanced Text Automation

    • Automated Mileage Tracking

  • 8

    Operations: Delegation & Outsourcing

    • The 5 Levels of Delegation

    • Introduction to Outsourcing & Delegation

    • Outsourcing Basics

    • Effective Outsourcing

    • Outsourcing Tips from a Solo Attorney

    • Outsourcing Legal Work

    • Example of outsourced legal research

    • Effective Virtual Collaboration

    • Hiring Great Assistants

  • 9

    Marketing Fundamentals

    • What Lame Marketing Looks Like

    • Introduction to Marketing

    • Why Clients Don't Trust You

    • Fundamentals of Proper Marketing

    • Identify Your Ideal Client

    • Brainstorming Your Ideal Client

  • 10

    Marketing: Referrals

    • Email-Based Referral Marketing

    • Sensible Social Media

    • Gathering Feedback & Testimonials

  • 11

    Advanced Marketing: Trust-Building Online

    • Email Rapport Building

    • Bad Email Marketing - Example

    • Introduction To Direct Response Marketing

    • A Lawyers Guide to Direct Response Marketing

    • What is a Lead Magnet & Why You Need One

    • Sample Lead Magnet - Divorce Lawyer (General)

    • Sample Lead Magnet - Bankruptcy Attorney

    • Lead Magnet Brainstorming Questionnaire

  • 12

    Marketing - Websites

    • The "Grunt Test" - You Have 5 Seconds to Pass

    • The best law firm website attracts clients by being clear (not clever)

    • Website Health Check Up

    • What's the best lawyer website software?

    • FAQs Pages

    • Landing Pages & Story-Based Persuasion

    • SEO Basics

    • Google Analytics Marketing Metrics

    • How To Prep Your Site For Voice Search

  • 13

    Website Critiques by Ernie & Megan

    • David Bravo Website: Personal Injury Lawyer

    • Allen Farshi Website: Personal Injury Lawyer

    • Michael Calogero - Estate Planning Atty

    • John Roberts: Elder Law

    • Lawrence D. Church: Unclear What Type of Practice

    • Richey & Greenlee: Multi-Practice Law Firm

    • C.A. Goldberg Law: Focus on Harassment & Stalking Matters

    • Hector Vega Law Firm - Bankruptcy Law

    • SELF CRITIQUE: Ernie Svenson's Lame Early Marketing Efforts

    • The Perfect Website [Adam Diamond]

  • 14

    Misc Lessons

    • The Keys to Visual Persuasion

    • Mobile Tips: Securing Public WiFi Connections

  • 15

    Resource Library: Checklists, Templates, Short Guides & Workbooks

    • Quick Start Actions

    • Strategic Success Blueprint

    • Three Keys to Success

    • 4 Key Components To a Successful Law Firm

    • Vision Quest Brainstorm Workbook

    • Productivity Blueprint

    • Ideal Week Planner

    • Top Concerns About Starting New Firm

    • Starting New Firm Checklist

    • Law Firm System Manual Checklist

    • Systems Overview - Process Mapping & Record Keeping

    • Process Mapping Worksheet

    • Overview of Automation

    • Automation Schematic

    • File Naming System - Guide

    • Document Management Systems - Overview

    • Guide to Going Paperless

    • Model Engagement Letter: Provisions for a Paperless Practice & Cloud Storage

    • Top 5 Qualities for Tech Consultants

    • Guide to Cloud Storage & Services

    • Guide to Backup Systems

    • Guide to Automating Brief & Memo Creation

    • Federal Court Pleading - Template

    • (Delegation Guide) The 4 Stages of Competence

    • Delegation-Worksheet

    • (Delegation Guide) The 5 Levels of Delegation

    • (Marketing Guide) Trust Building Progression

    • (Marketing Guide) The 9 Keys to Trust-Building

    • (Online Marketing Guide) The 7 Reasons Your Website Stinks

    • Guide to Direct Marketing for Lawyers

    • Email Management for Busy Lawyers

    • (Marketing Guide) Anatomy of a Lead Magnet

    • (Marketing) Lead Magnet Questionnaire

    • Guide to Fast Action Referral Marketing

    • (Marketing) Copywriting for Lawyers


5 star rating

Melaniece Bardley McKnight

5 star rating

Lots of Value from Ernie

Tim Werner

Starting a solo practice isn't a solo endeavor when you can rely on Ernie Svenson for guidance. Ernie helps you understand that launching a solo practice is ...

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Starting a solo practice isn't a solo endeavor when you can rely on Ernie Svenson for guidance. Ernie helps you understand that launching a solo practice is approachable, manageable, and – most of all – achievable. I've really appreciated the pragmatic and substantive content he offers in all his programs as well as how he somehow manages to bring a down-to-earth, personal approach to everyone he communicates with. If you want unvarnished, independent advice on technology, marketing, efficient operations, and the entire spectrum of starting and managing a solo practice, I sincerely believe you will benefit from Ernie's advice and hard-earned wisdom.

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5 star rating

Valuable Program

page kistler

I've been a paid subscriber to Ernie Svenson's programs for small firm lawyers for years. Ernie is superb at offering valuable lessons and advice for all asp...

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I've been a paid subscriber to Ernie Svenson's programs for small firm lawyers for years. Ernie is superb at offering valuable lessons and advice for all aspects of running a solo or small law firm. He will steer you clear of the distracting shiny objects and keep you calmly focused on the essentials for success in the business of your law firm.

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5 star rating

Great training

Bin Xia Zhang

My sales increased by 500% since listening to Ernie. I really think Ernie is the perfect guide for solo or small law firm attorneys. He explains the concepts...

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My sales increased by 500% since listening to Ernie. I really think Ernie is the perfect guide for solo or small law firm attorneys. He explains the concepts clearly and I really feel that he understands the challenges lawyers face when running their business.

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