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Earn More, Work Less, Avoid the Office | taught by Ernie Svenson

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Most solo and small firm lawyers begin their practices filled with hope and enthusiasm. But over time they find themselves overwhelmed by tedious work and underappreciated by the clients whose interests they struggle to protect.

I’ve talked to hundreds of such lawyers, so I understand their perspective. But I also know that it’s possible to radically transform the way that you practice law. I know this as a concrete truth, not a theoretical notion.

I know this because I radically transformed my law practice in 2006. I went from being an overworked partner in a big being a very happy solo lawyer. 

In my new practice, I worked only with clients who fully appreciated my hard work and who paid me on time, every time. I made as much money as I wanted, but while working half as much.

In the past fifteen years, I’ve helped hundreds of lawyers radically change their practices the way I changed mine.

A lot of what I teach relates to the use of technology. But, technology alone is not the solution.

It’s not the key to creating a smooth-running firm. And it’s not the key to attracting great clients who supply steady revenue.

So what are the important ingredients for building a thriving law firm? Well, there are several. 

And they're all described in the 3-page PDF download that you can get for when you sign up for the free trial of this course.

What Students Say About the Course...

“The amount of information we are bombarded with daily regarding technology can be overwhelming. I really needed guidance from folks whom I trust and who have experience to tell me what has worked for them and what hasn't...” 

James P. Monast (Columbus, OH)

“I'm an experienced lawyer, so I was concerned that the course would just be more of the same things that I have learned in years of practice. That wasn't the case....This course made me much more confident about starting my own solo practice.”

Robert Nunn (Portland, OR)

“One of the greatest frustrations in adopting tech is the overwhelming choices. Ernie's willingness to give us his favorite options was great... a great time saver in making choices and implementing choices.”

Eloise Hock Feinstein (San Diego, CA)

"The investment of money is small as compared to the value one is going to receive. There is no one I would not recommend the course to... Ernie, it's just been invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Thomas C. Railsback (Dallas, TX)

The Easy Path & The Hard Path

There are two paths to take if you want to create a smooth-running law firm: (1) the hard path, and (2) the easy path.

The hard path is where you try to figure everything out in a hit-or-miss process, which usually leads to confusion, frustration, and failure. 

On the easy path, you get guidance from people who can guide you step-by-step, to help you avoid disaster and get results faster.

If you want help transforming your law practice, then this course is for you. And remember you're never too old to start the process. Here's what one AARP member said: 

"I’m a 65-year-old dinosaur attorney of 38 years, enjoying your online course and finding it helpful.” —Michael R. Jarman, Foothill Ranch, CA

I believe that like the many other attorneys who've signed up, you'll find the course immensely helpful too.

In fact...

I’m so confident about this course that I offer a 30-day no-questions-asked, full money-back guarantee.

That way you can try it out. You can see what the course is like firsthand. You can see how it’s organized: the video lessons, audio lessons, written lessons —plus, the forms and templates. 

Basically, you can check it all out as much as you want for 30 days. And you can do that with absolutely no risk.

And why do I do this? 

Well, because my #1 goal is to help as many lawyers become as happy I as I did when I changed the way I practiced law. And I want to make it as easy for you to get started as I can.

So, scroll down to check out the curriculum and, I’ll look forward to seeing you inside the course. 

Most of all, I’ll look forward to seeing you finally start building the practice you’ve always dreamed of having.

Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson
I help busy lawyers streamline their practices by giving them a strategic blueprint and explain everything in bite-sized chunks. And I provide ongoing guidance so that they can keep improving week-by-week, and day-by-day. 

I've been nationally recognized (by the ABA in 2018) for helping hard-working lawyers transform their practices the way I did mine. You can find out more about me at this page


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