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LawFirm Autopilot

A Strategic Blueprint to Earn More, Work Less, Avoid the Office | taught by Ernie Svenson

Course description

The Law Firm Autopilot course is designed specifically for solo and small firm attorneys who want:
  • More streamlined document processes
  • Less email overload
  • More document automation
  • Less paper and less disorganization
  • More clients (good ones, not just anything that walks in the door)
  • To protect sensitive data so that malicious hackers don’t get into the firm bank accounts (or hold it ransom)
  • Less stress and less frustration
  • A clear roadmap for simplifying, automating and outsourcing large parts of your practice.
But, beyond those overarching benefits, the most common question that folks ask is:

What's Law Firm Autopilot all about exactly?

Well, the best person to help you understand is a lawyer like PATRICK SLAUGHTER

In 2015 Patrick was struggling to manage his family law practice in Knoxville, Tennessee. Most of all he was looking for a way for he and his wife Zena (who is his office manager) to get more time away from the office—so they could relax and enjoy life more. 

They wondered how technology could help make their practice easier to manage, so they started surfing the web and came across Ernie's website. 

Long story short, Patrick signed up to learn how to make his practice easier to manage (by using technology better). 

After several months he started to see massive improvements. 

So he posted a message to the Facebook discussion group.

“Ok, just want to put this out there and thank Ernie and all the other folks that have helped Zena and I. A few weeks ago, we tried something different and it was really life-changing.

January was probably our best month ever financially, but I was worn out and desperately needing a break. Problem was that I couldn’t imagine actually leaving town with the practice unattended. Then I thought what the heck, give it a shot.

We decided to try a “working vacation.” So we booked 10 days at Disney World (yea I know, but we love it). We headed to Florida with our laptops and thought we would see what happened.

Long story short, everything went great! We each billed about 3 hours a day in the morning before we went out to do all the fun stuff.

I was able to access all of our client files because everything is paperless and stored in the cloud.

I could dictate on my iPhone and then email it to my staff that were still working in the office. They could transcribe and send everything back for me to review. I could revise and then OK it, insert my signature and send it back to them to file.

I could return client phone calls from my cell phone using a special phone app so it looked like the call was coming from my office, even though I told them the truth. (Still they didn’t get my cell phone number.)

We use a cloud-based practice management software program. So we could bill and keep track of calendar appointments. Zena was able to book appointments for prospective and current clients.

We even ran bills while down in Florida. Took less than an hour to process invoices and then transfer money from trust to operating accounts.Now we are having the best February we’ve ever had.

We have been so impressed with how things went that now we are looking at renting an apartment in Florida and getting away at least once a month.

It was kind of hard for me to believe at first, but you really can run your practice from anywhere and be just as productive if you just invest in the right tools and take the time to set your practice up to take advantage of today’s technology.

So the short answer to the question of what do I do in the Autopilot program is this...

I help you figure out which technology tools to invest in and then help you use those tools effectively so you can streamline your practice in mind-boggling ways.

So that's the answer to the most common question about the AutoPilot course.

3 More Questions

Here are the other most common questions.

1. What’s included in the course?

2. How long does it take to go through the course, and how long to I get access to the course?

3. How will I know if the course is a good fit for me and my practice?

These are all important questions, so let me answer them one at a time…

1. What’s included in the course?

There are over 50 lessons (which you can scroll down and take a look at). 

The lessons are grouped into several modules, such as:

  • Foundational topics: mindset, vision for your firm, and defining your ideal practice
  • Systems and streamlining, including task management, email efficiency, online scheduling tools and tactics, data security, backup, password management, and how to choose practice management software.
  • Paperless law practice, including PDF skills training, cloud-document storage, best scanner options, and digital file management tools and practices.
  • Automation, especially text automation such as creating form documents more quickly and reliably.
  • Delegation & Outsourcing, including how to outsource legal work to part-time virtual assistants that you can hire on-demand on a per-project basis.
  • Marketing fundamentals that you must know before hiring anyone or spending any money on advertisements of any kind.
  • Referral Marketing and Online Marketing, essential strategies, and tactics—including the keys for creating a tasteful website that helps you attract your ideal clients in a steady stream in a low-cost way by using the power of automation.
  • Resource Library with over 30 checklists, templates, short guides and workbooks

Periodic Webinars - I do some free webinars throughout the year, some related to operational topics, and some related to marketing. I frequently have special guests who have deep knowledge in a particular area related to operations marketing.

There's a Q&A session after each presentation where you can ask questions about anything you want, even if it’s not related to the topic I covered in the webinar.

The webinars are recorded for later viewing so if you can’t make it to the live session you can watch the whole event, including the Q&A session.

2. How long does it take to go through the course, and how long to I get access to the course?

Obviously, how long it takes you to go through the course depends on how fast you want to go through it, and much time you have to go through it.

Some folks take a few weeks to go through all the lessons. Some folks take a few months. A few people have gone through all of the materials in a few days.

As far as access, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the materials.

And, as I create new lessons (which I do from time to time) those lessons will be added to your course materials at no extra charge.

3. How will I know if the Co-Pilot program is a good fit for me and my practice?

I’m confident that you’ll find it helpful, but the best way for you to know is to sign up and check it out yourself. You can try it risk-free for 30 days because if (for any reason) during the first 30 days you decide that the Autopilot course is not for you then let me know and I’ll refund all of the money that you paid.

Why am I willing to make this guarantee? Simple, because 99% of lawyers who take the course get massive benefits. 

For example, here's what folks say about the course:

"I can honestly say that I'm years ahead of where I would be if had not done this..." —Keith Magness

My practice has grown exponentially because of Ernie."—Stephanie Quigley

"If you're looking to automate your practice, make your life a lot easier, and create the law firm of your dreams...I highly recommend Ernie's course."—Ramesh Reddy

"I recommend this Ernie's programs to anyone who wants to work smarter...while watching everyone else run around in circles."—Catherine Fairchild

So, here's the...

Bottom Line

You have no downside to trying the course for 30 days, but a lot of upsides if you make use of the valuable information contained in the LawFirm Autopilot course.

So, if you’re ready to get started with improving your practice (i.e. working smarter, not harder). here’s what to do.

Scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN and click on the button at the very bottom to sign up today.

Do you still have questions about the course?

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Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson

Ernie learned the secret to working smarter (not harder) right out of law school. In 2000, Ernie discovered the power of creating a paperless practice, which was dismissed as impossible by most lawyers.

Two years later, he was the 5th lawyer to create a weblog, which led him to discover the power of online marketing before 99% of attorneys even imagined they might be able to get clients via a website.

For the past decade, he's been dedicated to teaching solo and small firm lawyers how to harness the power of systems, technology, and psychology to transform their practices in mind-boggling ways.

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I am taking this course for a second time - didn't finish the first time.
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by Joe O'Keefe

by Cheryl Grossman

Foundation - Lawfirm Autopilot

by Georgia Daniels
I am taking this course for a second time - didn't finish the first time.

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