LawFirm Autopilot - Starter Program

LawFirm Autopilot - Starter Program

Harness technology to work smarter, not harder. | taught by Ernie Svenson
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Course description

Modern digital technology is the best way to radically improve your law practice.

The key is to use technology sensibly and strategically, which means focusing on three key things.

  • Simplicity - which is about creating systems, and eliminating unnecessary complexity (i.e. lowering reliance on paper workflows)
  • Automation - which is the way to create massive scalability in your practice, so that more work gets done without your involvement or intervention.
    Virtualization - will provide massive freedom from office drudgery by the use of outsourcing and virtual assistance.
Those three elements enable you to create efficient, cost-effective marketing systems as well.

In this course, you’ll begin to discover amazing ways to simplify, automate, and virtualize several aspects of your law practice…

So that you can start working less, earning more, and spending a lot more time away from the office—relaxing and doing fun things besides practicing law.

Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson

Ernie Svenson is a New Orleans lawyer who went from burned out to blissfulby using technology to create a simpler and more enjoyable way of practicing law.

After he did this, fellow lawyers wanted to know how they could do this too, so he showed them. 

For over a decade, he's helped hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers—even winning awards for his work. He helps them through his weblog, podcast, speaking, books, online programs, workshops, and conferences.