Small Firm Bootcamp

Small Firm Bootcamp

A unique 2-Day conference for solo & small firm lawyers | taught by Ernie Svenson

Course description

Small Firm Bootcamp is a special 2-day EVENT that will take place in New Orleans on Thursday, May 7th and 8th of 2020.

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Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson

Ernie learned the secret to working smarter (not harder) right out of law school. In 2000, Ernie discovered the power of creating a paperless practice, which was dismissed as impossible by most lawyers.

Two years later, he was the 5th lawyer to create a weblog, which led him to discover the power of online marketing before 99% of attorneys even imagined they might be able to get clients via a website.

For the past decade, he's been dedicated to teaching solo and small firm lawyers how to harness the power of systems, technology, and psychology to transform their practices in mind-boggling ways.

Course Curriculum

Here's what's included in your BONUS: Law Firm Autopilot Course!
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