Course Description

This 4-week workshop will give you hands-on guidance to create a simple-but-powerful trust-based marketing system. The benefit of this system is that it will allow you to attract new clients more easily and more cost-effectively

Best of all, with this system you'll attract higher-quality clientsas in, the kind of people that are enjoyable to work with and who truly appreciate your hard work.

Do You Need A Website?

Short answer: no. If you have a website this workshop will help you improve the home page of your sit. If you do NOT have a website, you'll come away with a live 1-page website that's more effective than 80% of the other lawyer websites on the Internet.


Do not sign up for this workshop unless you're ready to take concrete action. This is a hands-on, get-stuff-done workshop.

What this workshop will give you...

After you complete this workshop you'll have put in place a solid marketing system that you are then free to optimize and refine over time in any way that you see fit.


Ernie Svenson

I help lawyers upgrade their law practices to get more done, more easily, with less stress.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Core Principle, Strategy & Tactics

    • Understanding the Importance of the A.R.T.A. Framework

    • Leveraging The Power of a Short, Atomic Message

    • How to Create and Publish a Simple 1-Page Website (or radically improve your existing home page)

    • Building a Tasteful 3-Paragraph Message That's Guaranteed to Create Trust

    • The Importance of Gathering Client Testimonials: Best Strategies & Tactics

  • 3

    Weekly Zoom Calls (90-Minutes)

    • Week 1: Crafting a Simple, Short Message That Attracts More of Your Ideal Clients

    • Week 2: Creating a 1-Page Website (or tweaking your current home page) That Ideal Clients Can Easily Discover

    • Week 3: Crafting a Short Trust-Building Message to Win Over Skeptical Prospects

    • Week 4: Creating a Simple Process for Gathering Testimonials to Get More Great Clients, More Easily

  • 4

    Supplemental Lessons

    • Why clients don't trust lawyers

    • The 9 keys to building trust effectively

    • Identify Your Ideal Client

    • Brainstorming Your Ideal Client

    • Capturing Your Firm's Story

    • Review & Short Quiz