Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Differences Between SweetProcess & Process St.

  • 2

    User Interface & Basics

    • SweetProcess - When you first login and create an account

    • Sweet Process - Ernie's First Login & Look

    • How to Create a Folder in SweetProcess

    • Using SweetProcess on a smartphone (iPhone)

  • 3

    Creating & Refining Procedures

    • Using a Word Template to Generate New Procedures in SweetProcess

    • Examples of First Draft Procedures

    • Reordering Steps in a Procedure

    • Embed a Loom video in a procedure in SweetProcess

    • Using YouTube videos to embed into a SweetProcess procedure

    • How to link to a procedure in SweetProcess

  • 4

    Creating & Refining Policies

    • Upload a Policy into SweetProcess

    • How to Copy & Paste Information into a Policy (using smartphone)

  • 5

    Collaborating with Sweet Process

    • Assigning a Task (using silly example)

    • Starting a task/procedure in Sweet Process - demo of Ernie actually recording a podcast intro

    • Setting up Team Member in SweetProcess

    • Assigning a Task (using silly example)

  • 6

    Advanced Skills

    • Using Snagit to create nice looking screenshots

    • Using VA (FancyHands) to create procedure (demonstrated on smartphone)

    • How to Specify Review Dates for Procedures, Policies, & Processes

    • SweetProcess as set up to email automation (using a template email)