Digital Systems

Digital Systems

Organize & Streamline Your Law Practice | taught by Ernie Svenson

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Lawyers who have smooth-running practices they enjoy will tell you this state of bliss didn’t happen by accident. No, they had to create solid systems first.

With reliable systems in place, their firm’s work gets done more easily, more quickly—often without those lawyers doing the work, or even telling anyone else how to do it.

So can you imagine how wonderful those reliable systems are once you have them in place? Can you imagine how confident and relaxed you'll become about managing your practice?

Yes, it's clear that systems are the key to a smooth-running and enjoyable practice.

But, how do you go about creating those kinds of systems in the first place? Especially the kind of digital systems that are now required to work with the kind of technology we need to use to get our work done.

That’s what most solo and small firm lawyers want to know. And that’s why this 5-week course was developed. 

Once you complete the Digital Systems course you’ll know exactly how to plan, create and refine the key systems you need for running every aspect of your practice.

You’ll know what a modern systems-building process looks like, and how to use it in your practice. You'll also learn what software will best support that ideal process.

You'll learn via a series of short videos and daily emails that reinforce the video lessons in a convenient way.

Plus you'll have direct guidance from Ernie Svenson in weekly Zoom calls, along with access to a private discussion forum where Ernie will answer all of the questions posed by you and your fellow students.

Now, bear in mind...

The course is limited to 10 students. And it only opens for registration after the prior group of enrolled students have completed the course. 

If you want to see the curriculum, scroll down. And if you want to join the waiting list to be eligible when registration reopens, click here to apply.

Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson

Ernie Svenson is a New Orleans lawyer who learned to create a simpler, more streamlined, and more enjoyable way of practicing law. After he did this, fellow lawyers wanted to know how they could do this too, so he showed them. 

For over a decade, he's helped hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers—even winning awards for his work. He helps them through his weblog, podcast, speaking, books, online programs, workshops, and conferences.

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