Course Description

This course will give you a low-cost, super-effective system for getting not just more new clients, but also better clients!

The key to its effectiveness is trust-building. Or if you already have people that trust you (and you almost certainly do), then it's even easier because you will leverage the trust that you've already built up with those folks.

This system is not only super effective, it's also dead simple. If you know how to write emails then you're ready to get started right away.

Best of all? This system will help you get great new clients arriving in a predictable, steady flow each month. 

The ENTIRE system will take you four weeks to get up and running smoothly. And you can even automate parts of this system to make it as simple as pushing a button.

Once you learn the system, it will only take you about 1 hour-per-month to keep it going, and to keep your referral stream flowing steadily.

And the program comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. So you can feel confident that you have nothing to lose by signing up today.


Ernie Svenson

I help lawyers upgrade their law practices to get more done, more easily, with less stress.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Course

  • 2

    Introduction To Effective Lawyer Marketing

  • 3

    Introduction to Email Referral Marketing

    • Emails Are the #1 Key to a Cost-Effective Referral-Based Marketing System

    • FOCUS: Why Sending Short Emails Is VASTLY More Cost-Effective Than Other Ways of Marketing

    • CASE STUDY: How A Solo Ethics Specialist Started Pulling in More Referrals Using a Monthly Email Blast

    • Set Up a ConvertKit Account in Under 15 Minutes

  • 4

    The "Fast-Action, 200-Word Referral-Getting Email" Template

    • CASE STUDY: A Philadelphia Business Attorney explains How a 200-word Template Emailed to 200 People Got Him 4 New Clients in Just a Few Days.

    • DOWNLOAD the 200-Word Referral-Getting Template

    • How to Use the 200-Word Referral-Getting Template

  • 5

    Preparing to Start Sending Referral-Getting Emails

    • Understanding the "CAN-SPAM Act" Restrictions On Who You're Allowed to Email Via a Bulk Emailing Service

    • How to Make Referral Prospects Eager to Get Your Monthly Emails Using a Simple 2-Sentence Template

    • Download the 2-Sentence Template (that will make people eager to receive your monthly emails)

    • CASE STUDY: What Happened When a California Employment Attorney Used the "2-sentence" Template

    • How to Organize Your “Prospect List” in Preparation for Sending a Monthly Email Blast (using a simple spreadsheet)

  • 6

    How to Blast a Monthly Email to Many People (easily and quickly)

    • Understanding What "Email Service Providers" Are and Why You Should Use One

    • How to Pick The Best Email Service Provider to Use for Monthly Emails

    • Learn how to Get Started Using ConvertKit (The 'ESP' That Ernie Most Often Recommends, and Uses Himself)

    • Discover How to Easily Send Different Emails to Different Types of People, All At Once (Automatically)

    • How to Bulk Upload A Bunch of Contacts into Your ESP Service in One Fell Swoop (and segment them at the same time)

    • Create an Online Opt-In Form (even if you don't have a website)

  • 7

    What to Include in Your Monthly Email Blasts

    • How to Write Conversational Emails That Establish Deep Rapport & Build Massive Trust (and a low-cost tool for helping you do this more easily)

    • DOWNLOAD: How to Edit Your First Draft of a Monthly Email

    • What Simple Verbiage to Add at the End of Your Monthly Email (that will cause even more people to refer you more business)

    • DOWNLOAD a Sample of Attorney Keith Magness' Monthly Email Blast

    • How to Find Interesting Topics That Will Make Prospects Eager to Receive Your Monthly Email Blast

    • How to Craft Catchy, Curiosity-Driving Email Subject Lines that Dramatically Increase Your Open Rates (and lead to LOTS more referrals)

  • 8

    Automating Your Email Blasts

    • How to Schedule Your Email Broadcasts to Go Out at a Future Date (to simplify your life & save loads of time!)

    • How to Re-Send Your Monthly Email a Week Later Only to People that Did Not Open the Prior Email (assuming you even need to send a follow up email at all)

  • 9

    How to Create a Sequence of Emails (that are automatically delivered)

    • How to Automatically Send Emails After a Website Visitor Fills Out an Online Form

    • What Your Initial Automated Emails Should Say To Build Rapport Quickly and Establish Trust Immediately

  • 10

    BONUS: Advanced Tactics For Even Bigger Results

    • How to Find Great Consultants to Help You Manage & Optimize Your Automated Email System

    • How to Use Facebook Ads to Retarget People That Have Recently Opted-In To Your Email List Via an Online Form

  • 11

    Appendix of Helpful Tutorials, Templates, Checklists & Additional Resources

    • The Simple Reasons Why Prospective Clients Don't Trust You

    • The 9 Keys to Effective Trust Building

    • How to Quickly & Easily Gather Great Testimonials From Your Loyal & Trusting Email Audience

    • A Master Checklist of Action Steps

    • The 2-Email Easy Starter System - TEMPLATE

    • 12 Monthly Email Templates (for January through December)

    • A Trust Building Progression Schematic (quickly grasp how to build trust with prospective clients)

    • A Valuable List of Recommended Writing Tools & Books

    • Case Study Example: How to Use Curiosity to Draft Super Engaging Emails (an article about a question many passengers who fly commercial planes have)

    • Q&A: Should I include my my full signature block in my emails to prospective clients?

  • 12

    Case Studies & Questions

    • Real Estate Lawyer - Sending Emails During Pandemic Shutdown

    • A question from lawyer about how to avoid having his emails go to the "promotions" tab of Gmail inboxes

    • How to tell if your emails will be deemed spam?

    • First Email Broadcast - Addie Prewitt Announces her New Law Practice

    • Homespun approach: share a recipe and pictures of your kids