Total Transformation Workshop

Total Transformation Workshop

Marketing Mastermind | taught by Ernie Svenson

Course description

The workshop is specifically designed for lawyers who are willing to invest in high-quality marketing guidance that will transform their practices. 

There will be no lecturing. No powerpoint presentations. And no CLE credit.

This will be a hands-on, small group workshop

You will leave the workshop having created a powerful marketing assets that will help you earn trust even with the most skeptical, resistant prospects.

This event is definitely not for everyone.

Who is this for?

The Total Transformation Workshop is designed to help:

  • Someone starting a new practice, either out of law school or by leaving a firm you don’t operate to start one that you own and operate
  • Someone looking to dramatically improve their marketing results, so that you get more high-quality clients and get them in a steady, manageable flow
  • Anyone who has struggled to get business, especially folks who are introverted and feel awkward going to networking events
  • Anyone who has struggled with online marketing, especially if you’ve been paying a high monthly fee for lead generation services (e.g. Findlaw etc.)
  • Anyone who wants to market their services in a dignified, thoughtful way
  • Anyone who wants to create a powerful marketing machine that’s an asset that you own forever, eliminating the need to pay monthly fees to aggressive, cheesy marketing services

This event is NOT for public-sector lawyers, or anyone NOT in private practice

It’s for people who need to drum up their own clients and want to do it as effectively, and inexpensively as possible.

Where will it take place?

The workshop will take place in New Orleans, but not in a drab hotel conference room. 

We will hold it in a cozy home in the University area, near my house. In fact, this lovely home is right next to my house.

The intimate setting is perfect for our small group workshop. We will have big tables, comfortable chairs, and sofas

There is a big TV if we need to project our laptop screens. 

And of course, there is fast free Internet connectivity.

You will need to book your own hotel or Airbnb accommodations. 

If you want to use Airbnb, there are several nice places close to the workshop venue. 

And there are two Top 10 restaurants within 2 blocks of the workshop venue and several more within 1 mile.

Here's a short video from our last workshop.

When is the next workshop?

The next Total Transformation Workshop has been scheduled for June 28th & 29th in New Orleans.

The program will start at 9 am on Friday, June 28th, and conclude at 5 pm on Saturday, June 29th.

Act Fast

There are only 10 slots available. So if you want to come, sign up as soon as possible.

If you can't attend this time, or if you are unable to register in time to get a slot for this event, don't worry.

Get On the Waiting List

You can apply now to be given priority admission when the next one is scheduled.


Ernie Svenson
Ernie Svenson
I help busy lawyers streamline their practices by giving them a strategic blueprint and explain everything in bite-sized chunks. And I provide ongoing guidance so that they can keep improving week-by-week, and day-by-day. 

I've been nationally recognized (by the ABA in 2018) for helping hard-working lawyers transform their practices the way I did mine. You can find out more about me at this page