Course Description

In May of 2020, we put on a 3-day conference for solo & small firm lawyers who wanted to learn how to  make big changes in their practices. Over 150 lawyers from around the country attended. Afterwards, many of them rhapsodized about how beneficial the program was. 

For example, we heard comments like these:

  • "The things I learned through this Bootcamp are invaluable! You can succeed during the most trying of times if you are willing to think outside the box and be open to change..." —Susan H.
  • "So glad I did registered. I would not have been able to attend in person so this was a blessing for me. 😊 " —Joanna B.
  • "So much great stuff that I want to implement! Having access to the recordings is great, and I will not need to go to all those other webinars being offered by, well, EVERYONE." —Emily C.
  • "This has been great! Especially for those of us that have been "dying" to attend a Bootcamp, but unfortunately because of $, professional and personal responsibilities had not been able to. Thank you for the opportunity and the extraordinary effort to pull this off." —Cristina A.
  • "I appreciate every second you’ve put into Bootcamp. I can’t thank you enough, and again, I am raving about the conference materials and videos as well!" —Erin P.
  • "Thanks for the great Bootcamp Ernie. Haven't had the chance to go through all the presentations yet, but those that I attended were very informative and gives a lot of food for thought." —Bin X.Z.
  • "A benefit of virtual bootcamp - I'm watching Conrad Saam’s presentation on one screen and fixing my homegrown website on the other." —Mitch Z.
  • "It was great seeing Brett Burney's presentation. I have been a fan of his "apps in law" podcast for some time (and I recommend his iPad course). I got a whole new appreciation for Goodreader from Brett." —Vince P.
  • "I loved the Boot Camp. All in all though it was wonderful." —Cathleen C.
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual Bootcamp. Topics were great. Discussion was great. In fact, I used for research and had a wonderful experience. Again, just wanted to tell you Thanks for what you are doing. It has been great." - Art F.
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed it. These were things I have been waiting for. Thank you all. This was a wonderful conference." —Charles H.
  • "I just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding virtual Bootcamp you put together. I've been slammed dealing with an outrageous insurance defense lawyer and have been writing/filing a bunch of motions to stop her, so I haven’t been able to watch all of the recordings yet and just now having a chance to say thanks. But what I saw and learned already was so valuable. When the quarantine started, I was basically laid off and decided to just start my own PI practice from home. Before the bootcamp, I was having doubt whether I could pull this off and run my entire practice from home without an actual office or any assistants, especially when business picks back up. So far with what I already learned last week, I have a clear plan/vision and absolute certainty I can run the whole thing virtually. Looking forward to attending your next one and hopefully being able to meet in person next time. Thanks for everything, I'm sincerely grateful this happened at this exact moment in my life."—Adam J.

Great Speakers

The main reason for our success was the quality of the presentations by the over 30 nationally recognized speakers that participated. 

As you can tell from some of the comments above, the speakers offered actionable advice, and best practices for automating, outsourcing, systematizing, and marketing any kind of small firm law practice.

Find Out More

You can read about the various sessions, and see the resources that were made available to attendees by scrolling down.


Ernie Svenson

I help lawyers create frictionless practices with automated systems so they can earn a better living doing more of what they truly enjoy.

Course curriculum

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    Foundations of Practice Management

    • Use Systems to Make Your Practice Run Smoothly (and never have to explain to your staff “how it’s supposed to be done.”) with John Fisher - 49 Mins

    • How to Achieve Financial Success By Measuring Your Key Financial Data (using data to make good management decisions) with Patrick Slaughter - 52 Mins

    • 3 Critical Factors To Unlocking Growth In Your Law Firm - with Melissa Shanahan - 52 Mins

    • How to Scale Your Law Firm for Massive Success (the benefits of "community marketing") with Daryl Gray - 23 Mins

    • How to Effectively Create & Manage a Virtual Law Firm (so you can easily get important work done anywhere, anytime—even from exotic beaches in New Zealand) with Elise Buie - 28 Mins

    • Develop Subscription-Based Billing to Create Steady Cash Flow (i.e. automatically collect fees from clients' credit cards) with Andrew Legrand - 39 Mins

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    Radical Efficiency & Automation

    • Automate the Creation of Your Important Documents (and do it up to 500% faster, with ZERO errors) with Brett Burney - 41 Mins

    • How to Leverage the Magic of Voice Dictation & Transcription (using a computer or even just a smartphone) with David Sparks- 51 Mins

    • How to Manage Digital Data (And Keep it Secure From Hackers, Rogue Employees & Inadvertent Mishaps) with Craig Bayer - 49 Mins

    • Digital Security for Law Firms (PDF Download)

    • How to Evaluate & Choose Practice Management Software (From The Perspective of a Consultant Who Helps Lawyers Choose) with Jared Correia- 33 Mins

    • Automating Your Client Scheduling is Easy & Game-Changing (stop wasting valuable time setting up routine appointments!) with Megan Hargroder - 10 Mins

    • How to Evaluate & Choose Practice Management Software (from the perspective of a solo lawyer who recently did so) with Dane Ciolino - 35 Mins

    • How to create & sell an online course for your law practice (a trademark lawyer who did this explains) with Joey Vitale - 43 Mins

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    Effective Lawyer Marketing

    • Marketing Essentials (Short Overview) with Ernie Svenson - 19 Mins

    • The A.R.T. of Effective Marketing (PDF Download)

    • 3 Key Elements of a Personal Brand (that establishes you as a valuable & trusted expert) with Mike Kim - 28 Mins

    • 5 Big Myths about Law Firm Marketing (Myth #2: you can just grow your business through referrals) with Mark Homer - 1 Hour

    • Do It Yourself Marketing Tips from an Online Marketing Wizard (33 things you can do, or should NOT do, with a website) with Conrad Saam - 1 Hour & 23 Mins

    • How Podcasting Enhances Your Reputation (in Powerful & Surprising Ways) with Danny Ozment - 30 Mins

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    Virtualized Law Practice

  • 6

    Bonus Presentations

    • How To Choose Technology for Your Law Firm (a tech consultant who has helped thousands of lawyers choose the best options explains) with Chelsey Lambert - 25 Mins

    • Finance & Accounting Essentials (tough love from a thoughtful, empathetic CPA) with Amanda Aguillard - 31 Mins

    • Implicit Bias (the Biology & Psychology of Decision-making) with Claude Ducloux - 1 Hour

    • How to Automate Your Client Generation (and Run an Automated, Virtual Law Firm) with Sam Mollaei - 36 Mins

    • Setting Up Acuity Scheduling - Demonstration with an Attorney Using Acuity for the First Time - Megan Hargroder - 40 Mins

    • What Digital Documents Say When You Know How to Listen (the insider tips of a lawyer-turned-forensic-investigator) with Craig Ball - 90 Mins

    • How a Small Town Lawyer (population 6,596) uses "Community Marketing" + Internet Savvy to Attract Great Clients - Parker Layrisson - 47 Mins

    • How to Create Visuals That Explain Complex Ideas Quickly (and subliminally win the audience over to your point of view) with Ernie Svenson- 40 Mins

    • The Future of Law: Good For Some & Bad For Others (which camp are you in?) with Mike Whelan - 55 Mins

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    Downloadable Resources

    • 4-Step Success Flowchart

    • 7-Part Website Self-Audit

    • 10 Step Guide to Creating a Thriving Law Practice

    • Automation Overview

    • Work From Home Guide

    • Envision Your Ideal Law Practice - Workbook

    • John Fisher's book: Law Firm of Your Dreams

    • LawFirm Autopilot - Simple Guide

    • LFA Creating a Modern-Practice

    • Overview of Law Firm Automation

    • Overview of Trust-Building Through Marketing

    • Starting New Firm - Basic Checklist