Hey there, I’m Ernie Svenson, the founder of this website. If you know nothing about me, here's the short story...

I used to practice law the "traditional way," handling complex business litigation cases (i.e. many boxes of paper organized by lots of staff members).

But then I learned how to create a 100% paperless, highly automated law practice. One that was financially rewarding and fulfilling (i.e. low-overhead, low-stress, with more freedom)

Now I help lawyers who want to do the same for their practices.

Read on if you want the slightly longer version of my story.


My radical transformation began with this discovery...

Using nothing more than a laptop and a smartphone I could handle complex litigation cases completely by myself, and do so at a much lower cost.

So, in 2006, I gave up my lucrative partnership in a stodgy big firm to start a Ninja-efficient solo practice. I was eager to break out of the traditional mold and it worked out nicely. 

A Dream Comes True

Clients appreciated my lower bills. And they noticed that technology made me more effective than old-school lawyers.

Getting new clients was easy and inexpensive: my main marketing tool was a simple website that cost less than $100.

And, because my overhead was ridiculously low, I was able to earn a good living without working crazy hours.

Other Lawyers Noticed

Some lawyers scoffed at my non-traditional approach to practicing law (mostly ones in big firms).

Other lawyers asked me to help them improve their practices (mostly solos and small firm lawyers). I enjoyed doing this and so, eventually, it became my full-time mission 

The ABA even gave me their 2018 Solo and Small Firm Trainer Award, BUT...

My greatest satisfaction came from seeing lawyers I helped feel deep joy —something they never thought was possible.

What Some of Them Say…

“I received so much help starting my own practice, and saved so much time not having to find answers on my own."—Carlee Gonzales

“I can honestly say that I'm years ahead of where I would be without Ernie's help..." —Keith Magness

"My practice has grown exponentially..." —Stephanie Quigley

“My biggest sensei in starting my solo law practice was Ernie Svenson." —David Sparks

“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter...while watching everyone else run around in circles."—Catherine Fairchild

"I’m a 65-year-old dinosaur attorney and found Ernie's guidance extremely helpful.” —Michael R. Jarman

What it takes to succeed

To leverage technology effectively, you have to be strategic and proceed systematically.

If you're willing to that I can help you get off to a good start and then stay on track.

How to Get Started

  1.  enroll in the Working Smarter Course (the best option, which most lawyers prefer).
  2. Or download this Free PDF Guide (and take a smaller action step)

The Path to Success

Want to know more about me?

The main thing to know is I'm sort of contrarian. I prefer to figure out for myself how things actually work (as opposed to relying on "supposed gurus").

 What that means exactly is easier to understand if you read this.