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My Background

Hi, I’m Ernie Svenson - founder of the somewhat-famous Ernie The Attorney website, and the less famous PaperlessChase site.

So what do I do exactly? 

In short, I help solo and small firm attorneys dramatically improve their practices so they can stop struggling and start relaxing.

The Bad News

Most lawyers struggle to balance the harsh demands of helping their clients with the annoying details of having to manage their own business. There never seems to be enough time to juggle all of their responsibilities. Which, of course, leads to lots of extra stress.

For years these lawyers have been told that technology can automate the tedious stuff they hate doing—so it gets done more quickly, more reliably and less expensively. And they've been told the Internet can help them get better clients more easily. 

Most of these lawyers have spent lots of money on technology trying to get the results they were promised.

But, alas, most of them have not found technology to be a magical solution. Instead, technology has mostly led to frequent frustration and failure. 

Which is a shame, obviously. And despite what they might feel, none of this is their fault. 

So, if you have experienced any of that frustration with technology, I have some...

Good News!

Because what I’ve discovered is that, with proper guidance, ANY lawyer can learn to harness the power of technology. Yes, with the right approach anyone can streamline their practice and increase their profits (even so-called "tech dinosaurs"). 

How is this possible, you ask? 

The key is working from a strategic blueprint. One that shows you how to use technology sensibly (instead of haphazardly).

The online programs here will provide you with that blueprint. The strategic blueprint you have been looking for, so that... 

You can finally harness the power of technology to create your ideal law practice

That is, a practice where you are earning more while working less. And spending more time away from work, relaxing and enjoying the life you deserve.

To get started, check out my LawFirm Autopilot course

That's the first step. And it's one that's already helped hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers just like you.

Or grab my free Ultimate Technology Toolkit for Lawyers.

My Live Events

Sometimes I do live events, such as the SmallFirmBootcamp conferences or the Total Transformation Workshops. Scroll down to view the short videos of these programs:

Small Firm Bootcamp

Total Transformation Workshop